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Bulleit Rye American Whiskey first told you about the new Bulleit Rye Whiskey last week and now we are reviewing it. Tom Bulleit tells us that he has been developing the new Rye since 2004, but requests by the trade to produce it helped make the project become one of high priority.

We’ve made it a priority to review this new Bulleit Rye for you as we’ve provided tasting notes below. We recommend picking up a bottle as it now being released nationwide.

Bulleit Rye Bottle

Bulleit Rye Whiskey Review

Whiskey: Bulleit Rye American Whiskey

Distillery: Produced by Lawrenceburg Distillers, Lawrenceburg, Indiana for Bulleit Distilling Company, Lawrenceburg, Kentucky

Age: Between 4 and 7 years

Proof: 90 Proof, 45% ABV

Color: Golden Straw

Notes: Mash bill is 95% rye and 5% malted barley. The grain division sources from high quality ryes around the world including Germany, Sweden, Canada and United States.

Nose: Cherry, tobacco, spice

Taste: Enters with soft mouthfeel. Mild tobacco and some cherry notes hit first. Mid-palate the rye becomes buttery smooth and well rounded between the sweet and spicey characteristics. This is an incredible sipper straight or on the rocks. Additionally, the balanced spice will make it an excellent mixer as we suggest enjoying it in a Manhattan or a Vieux Carré.

Finish: Some cinnamon red hot candy with a bit of kick and hints of candied fennel with medium dry finish.


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13 Responses to “Bulleit Rye Whiskey Review”

  1. Jordan

    Can’t wait to try this one. The bottle itself looks straight out of the Old West. Thanks for the tasting notes!

  2. Jake

    Tried to find some today, but have to wait until next week for it to make shelves in Kansas. Thanks for tempting my taste buds even more, JERKS!

  3. Don

    I thought Rye in the traditional sense had to have some corn in the mash. Glad to see Bulleit taking a more artisnal approach to their rye.

  4. Asaf

    As soon as I heard about the new addition to the Bulleit family, I ran and purchased myself a bottle ($36 Broadway Liquor, NYC) The cherry and spice flavors were very noticeable. However, I noticed that this Bourbon was not as smooth as the regular Bulleit, which is one of the reasons I fell in love with the original years ago.


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