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We’ve had a lot of submissions for our Wild Turkey American Honey Girls Calendar Giveaway. To enter to win a calendar, friends are submitting their own Wild Turkey American Honey Drink recipe creations. Here are just a few we’re sharing below, and for more details on entering and views from the pages of the calendar click this link

The Flying Honey Turkey

1 part Red Bull
1 part Wild Turkey American Honey

“For some reason Wild Turkey Honey + Red Bull tastes as good as a pink panther ice cream bar from the ice cream man on a hot summers day!” – Puya Partow
Recipe submitted by Wesley Jordan and Puya Partow

Lawrenceburg Lemonade

1 Part American Honey
1 Part Sweet and Sour Mix
1 Part Triple Sec
2 Parts Lemon Lime Soda (Sprite)

Pour all ingredients over ice, mix and serve.

Recipe submitted by Casey Kopp

Green Turkey

8 oz. Green Tea
4 oz. Wild Turkey American Honey
2 oz. Wild Turkey 101 proof

Stir and serve

Recipe submitted by Jason DeMaglio

Kentucky Horseshoe Nail

1 oz. Wild Turkey American Honey
2. oz. bourbon or rye. A high-rye bourbon works best to neutralize some of the sweetness of the American Honey.

*If you see your recipe on this post it doesn’t necessarily mean you have won the calendar.  For all rules and how to win see this link


4 Responses to “More Wild Turkey American Honey Drink Recipes”

  1. True American

    1 Shot glass
    2oz Wild Turkey Whiskey

    Pour whiskey into glass and swigg. One and only True American.

  2. kevin goodin

    I call it the Land of milk and honey!
    Layer half american honey and half bailey’s irish cream! The Lady’s and everyone else loves this one!


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