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Russell's Reserve 10 Year old Bourbon by Wild Turkey. Wild Turkey. Wild Turkey Bourbon
Wild Turkey Master Distiller Jimmy Russell has told in numerous interview that Russell’s Reserve Bourbon is what he drinks for pleasure most regularly. This is a pleasurable Bourbon indeed and quite friendly to cocktails, as we made a few the creations of the “Stimulus Package” with it. Our review…

Bourbon: Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon

Age: 10 years old 

Notes: Russell’s Reserve was originally introduced as a limited edition Bourbon by Wild Turkey in the early 2000’s, then officially released under a different bottle label in 2005 (see prior bottling photos below). This past year, Wild Turkey released it under the current bottle pictured left. Master Distiller Jimmy Russell and his song Eddie believe that 10 years is a near perfect aging

Color: Deep Amber.

Nose: Prevalence of vanilla, cinnamon toast, touch of caramel and some oak.

Taste: A warming elixir with the a balance of sweet nuttiness, sugar cane, hints of cinnamon and some oak. Russell’s Reserve has some thickness on the mouthfeel rounded by the sweetness.  The very smooth and approachable nature becomes a good friend to the palette and will keep you pouring. 

Finish: Luscious candy, pecans.

Bourbon review by Tom Fischer

Photos of Previous Bottlings of Russell’s Reserve Bourbon

Russell's Reserve Bourbon. Russell's Reserve Bourbon review. Russell's Reserve Bourbon by Wild Turkey.

Russell's Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon bottle as released in 2005

Russell’s Reserve Bourbon as released in early 2000’s as limited edition below.

Russell's Reserve Bourbon Review

Russell's Reserve Bourbon as released as "Limited Edition" in the early 2000's


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11 Responses to “Russell’s Reserve 10 Year Old Bourbon Review – What Master Distiller Jimmy Russell drinks!”

  1. jude

    This bourbon was my Discovery of 2010. The only place I’ve seen it, though, has been at Woodman’s (a grocery chain) in Kenosha, WI. When I first bought it, they were selling it for $19 a bottle (750ml). It disappeared from the shelf for about two months. When it reappeared, it was $30 a bottle. I’m not sure why the 37% increase. That’s at a point where it’s now, unfortunately, unaffordable.

  2. samuel

    i sampled this bourbon at a bar in burbank, ca. i loved the palate – i got a sweet, oaky flavor. i’m interested in the ’05 labeled bottle. is this still available?

    glendale, ca

  3. Rob

    My only regret with this wonderful nectar is that the profits are associated with Pernod and the French, who wouldn’t know good stuff it bit them on the butt 🙂

    Keep up the good work Jimmy!


  4. Russel Ricketts

    I just tried the Russells reserve small batch 10 year old bourbon. and it is the best sipping whisky i have tried in 20 years. I like the slight burn but whithout the hard bite. Mr Russel you are a true craftsman of your trade. thank you

  5. Kathy

    In MN, looking for this incredible bourbon – to no avail. Had it recently in CT and thoroughly enjoyed it…even brought home the empty bottle!

  6. scott

    Nutty pecan after dinner flavor??? This shit is burning my nose and my throat…..sweet sweet nectar of the gods!!! Oakey…..I feel as if I’ve inhaled a can of spray paint……vanilla and caramel aftertaste…devine. Suttle hint of paint thinner with a aroma of tolune….and dog feces (labrador) Wiugh…………sky11 river take my mind……ugh……..uh……are you there >??? I am dying……..this is terrible!!!! coming up for air……..uncontrollable laugh….still bad…..goodnight and good luck…..thank you russell’s reserve….