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Woodford Reserves Master' Collection Sweet 183 MashWhiskey: Woodford Reserve 1838 Sweet Mash Master’s Collection (2008 Release)
Distillery: Woodford Reserve Distillery, Versailles, Kentucky
Age: no age statement, unknown
Proof: 43.2% ALC/VOL (86.4 PROOF)
Bottle: Sample sent from the distillery
Notes:The recipe for this Sweet Mash is revival of a historic technique whereby entirely fresh ingredients are used – grains, yeast and water – to create a mixture which will be fermented for several days and then distilled. For more information on this limited edition 1838 Sweet Mash, click here. Now, for the review…

Tasted in a snifter glass, poured straight.

Color: Ginger brown.

Nose: Fall leaves and maple syrup.  A slightly sweet nutmeg and clove. Hints of “white dog” graininess.

Taste:Rich and somewhat buttery with apple,r ye, and trace of mint. I like the gentle dispersion of the graininess on the tongue, it’s approachable, crisp, and keeps you pouring.

Finish:Goes from a light “biscuity” pistachio and becomes reminiscent of a good Italian Amaretti Cookie. Dry at the end.

Woodford Reserve 1838 Sweet Mash Master’s Collection (2008 Release) Reviewed by Tom Fischer,

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