Maker’s Mark Ice Ball Maker Mold “Bourbon Balls” Gift

Posted by & filed under Blog, Holiday Features & Recipes. has noticed the recent trend of designer spherical “ice balls” made for cocktails and mixology. With a perfect sphere giving less surface area, your cocktail or Bourbon stays cold without the ice melting so quickly. Maker’s Mark recognized the trend and created their own plastic signature ice ball maker mold as the 2010 holiday… Read more »

The Fig 46

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In this recipe, we explore the primary tenet of classic bartending: ‘strong, weak, sour, sweet.’ Fresh Mission Figs are a must as is dutiful application of technique. Choose those that are heavy for their size, semi firm, with no wrinkles or bruising We hope you will enjoy this offering. In the tin: Muddle 2… Read more »

On Leaf and Barrel: Maker’s 46 and Chisum Filtered Cigar Pairing

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This is a tale of unexpected dichotomy in both distilling technique and pairing expectations. The subject matter spirit geeks find a childish pleasure in, along with a video series to compliment this pairing of Maker’s 46 and the Chisum Filtered Cigar. My story begins with the standard whisky tasting. I find it helpful to forget… Read more »

Bill Samuels Jr., the ultimate podcast

Posted by & filed under Blog. records a historic presentation by Bill Samuels, Jr. at a special dinner at Maker’s Mark Bourbon House & Lounge in Louisville and we’re sharing it with you in this unforgettable podcast.. CLICK BELOW TO PLAY IT From Bill’s telling of the humorous story of  his first drink of Bourbon at age 11 given to… Read more »

Top 21 Spirits

Posted by & filed under Blog, Holiday Features & Recipes. suggests the following spirits for your holiday gift, celebration to begin 2011 and beyond. We’ve drank a lot that we’ve enjoyed in 2010, but these particularly impressed us and we’re including some video below too for you to enjoy in this year in review as we review the spirits and whiskeys Four Roses The… Read more »

“Big Red” Onions Recipe

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Kentuckians like Texans and vice versa. Perhaps it’s because we gave them Daniel Boone at the Alamo, or that they gave us chili (the average Kentuckian’s favorite [it’s not Kentucky burgoo] meal.) I’d honestly bet that it’s because we share the same soda- Big Red. This stuff has traditionally been released to select states, yet… Read more »

Maker’s and Coke Reengineered

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When the staff at first tasted the new Maker’s 46, our heads were awash with ideas for using the newest member of the bourbon family. We finally settled on this recipe as the most appropriate first. The Maker’s and Coke is most likely the single most enjoyed drink in Kentucky. To take the commonplace,… Read more »