Jim Beam Devil’s Cut Review

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BourbonBlog.com sold our soul to obtain one of the only bottles of Jim Beam Devil’s Cut known to exist. We did it to tempt you with this advanced review as it won’t be released  until May in select States and Summer 2011 nationwide. This is the first Bourbon that we know of which uses fancy… Read more »

Jim Beam Devil’s Cut

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Jim Beam Bourbon tells BourbonBlog.com that they’re doing quite a devilish thing. Before we go any further, yes you are about to have a classic live performance of Sympathy for the Devil by The Rolling Stones in the video below because we no longer will we have much sympathy for the Devil. In fact, we’ll… Read more »

Jim Beam Black New Bottle

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Jim Beam Black has a new bottle, but the Bourbon is the same. BourbonBlog.com spoke with spokesperson for Jim Beam Black today who confirmed that this new bottle contains the same Bourbon  as the original Jim Beam Black. However, the updated design gives a new dimension of branding for Jim Beam Black differentiating it from… Read more »

Kid Rock and Jim Beam Offer Fans Free Music Downloads of new song “Times Like These” and live Comerica Park concert

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Jim Beam Bourbon and Kid Rock are breaking new ground with a first-of-its-kind campaign alongside Atlantic Records, offering fans exclusive free downloads of the new, unreleased song “Times Like These” from Kid Rock’s upcoming album and a compilation of live hits from his two-night, sold-out homecoming at Comerica Park last summer. “After being one of… Read more »

Jim Beam Puppy Ad

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Jim Beam Puppy Commercial from the “Guys Never Change, Neither Do We” campaign. Really made us laugh..watch below. ×

Jim Frost with Jim Beam and Drambuie

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Feeling frostbitten?  Try this recipe is at your holiday party to bring together old world flavor of Drambuie with a sweet and chilly and frosty Kentucky mix.  Just in time for the holidays and the new bottle design of Drambuie. Jim Frost 2 parts Jim Beam Bourbon 1 part Drambuie 1 dash grenadine syrup 1… Read more »

Watch Knob Creek’s Webcast Live Today on BourbonBlog.com Kicking Off Bourbon Heritage Month, featuring Whiskey Professors, Jim Beam Master Distiller Fred Noe

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Knob Creek Bourbon broadcasted a free behind-the-scenes-look at the Super-Premium Bourbon live earlier today on BourbonBlog.com and we are now awaiting the archived video to post here in case you missed it! Do check back in and read the rest of this blog and watch other video episodes and read more blogs here on BourbonBlog.com. … Read more »