Basil Hayden Toast Bourbon Whiskey – Brown Rice in the Mash Bill

Basil Hayden Toast is a new Kentucky Straight Bourbon Whiskey from Jim Beam with a mash bill that was created by Freddie Noe. It used a toasted secondary barrel and replaces the rye in the recipe with US-grown brown rice.

Stitzel-Weller Distillery Opens New Garden & Gun Club

Stitzel-Weller Distillery opens the Garden & Gun Club at their distillery in Shively, Kentucky. The destination cocktail bar, inspired by Garden & Gun Magazine’s hospitality franchise, is located on the second floor of the Stitzel-Weller Distillery offering unique food and drink experience0

“World First Irish Whiskey Single Barrel” – WhistlePig Expands Whiskey Portfolio with Limavady

WhistlePig joins forces with Darryl McNally and Limavady Irish Whiskey to fulfill his dream of creating the world’s first Single Barrel Irish whiskey. The addition of Limavady, alongside WhistlePig’s collection of groundbreaking Rye Whiskeys, marks the company’s growth from the leading independent American Whiskey to a global craft portfolio.

Tom Fischer Appearing at Handsome Devil Bourbon, Cigar, and Barbecue Charity Event

Handsome Devil BBQ in Newburgh, New York for the 1st Charity “cigarbecue,” charity fundraiser event to support Carl Ruiz #dontstopruizing foundation and Newburgh Illuminated which will feature Bourbon expert Tom Fischer, pitmaster Ed Randolph, Matty Rock, and Sanj Patel at the event.

Cigar Saturday Will Broadcast Live from Nashville, TN with Music City Bourbon Club

Cigar Saturday will broadcast live from Nashville, TN with hosts Matty Rock and Bourbon expert Tom Fischer physically in the same place since the beginning of Cigar Saturday. Jeremy Porter, founder of Music City Bourbon Club will be our guest. Porter is also the general manager of Davidoff Blend Bar in Nashville, TN.

Mr Black X Whistlepig Barrel Aged Coffee Liqueur

WhistlePig Rye Whiskey of Shoreham, Vermont collaborates with Mr Black Coffee Liqueur to create a limited-edition Mr. Black X Whistlepig Barrel-Aged Coffee Liqueur, aged in used oak rye whiskey barrels to Sydney, Australia to rest for 9 months.

Pappy Heist: “The Bourbon King” Netflix Documentary Preview and Interview

Bourbon Expert Tom Fischer interviews former Sheriff Pat Melton about Netflix’s documentary “Heist” covering the stolen Pappy Van Winkle Bourbon in the episode called “The Bourbon King” featuring lead thief and ex-Buffalo Trace employee Toby Curtsinger himself. This interview contains insight not covered in the Netflix film.

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Whiskey 2021: 21st Edition of the Release

Old Forester Birthday Bourbon Whiskey from Louisville, Kentucky’s Old Forester marks the 21st release of the limited edition expression. The 2021 release is from 12-year-old barrels and presented at 104 proof.

WhistlePig Roadstock Rye Whiskey

WhistlePig is introducing RoadStock Rye: The world’s first-ever finished-on-the-road whiskey. In collaboration with California’s Jordan Winery and Firestone Walker Brewery, the epic journey of RoadStock began earlier this year at their 500-acre farm in Shoreham, VT, where they commissioned an 18-wheeler ‘Rolling Rickhouse’, which would make its way from Vermont to California and back on the 6,000-mile journey.