Cocktails For Your Valentine’s Meal offers new romantic cocktails to celebrate each course of your Valentine’s Day meal! First, The Soloist is a champagne cocktail to be served as a “welcome drink” for your evening or with the appetizer. The Boulevard follows with flavors that will be friendly to main courses such a steak, chicken, seafood etc. And for… Read more »

Budweiser Black Crown Beer Super Bowl Commercial “Coronation”

× raises a toast to Budweiser for releasing the new Budweiser Black Crown Beer, coronated in this Super Bowl Commercial above called “Coronation.” Have you tasted the new Budweiser Black Crown Beer? Tell us below on this link what you think of Black Crown! Sign up for our free Bourbon Newsletter here and get the latest… Read more »

Bud Light Lucky Chair Commercial with Stevie Wonder

× toasts to New Orleans and Stevie Wonder with the Bud Light Commercial “Lucky Chair” with his song “Superstition” What did YOU think of this commercial? Share your toast to Stevie below and tell us on this link! “It’s only weird if it doesn’t work” is the slogan for this ad, but who is… Read more »

Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial, name the Clydedale Foal

× The Budweiser Super Bowl Commercial above called “Brotherhood” asks viewers to submit names for the foal featured in the ad. Tweet your names #Clydesdales to @Budweiser to and it will be announced to news following the conclusion of the game At, we want to know what YOUR suggestions are? Tell us on this link. This foal… Read more »

#Bourbon Bowl, join us now with your photos! invites you to Tweet us your pre-Game, game day and post-game photos to @BourbonBlog NOW with the tag #BourbonBowl! We’ll pick the best ones and share ’em. Whether you’re drinkin’ Bourbon, whiskey, beer, or killer sandwiches like the one below, feel free to pose next to the TV or just pose your bottle up… Read more »

New Orleans Mixologists create Super Bowl Cocktails brings you new Bourbon cocktails created by mixologists in New Orleans as the Super Bowl XLVII gets closer on game day! As we often take you to New Orleans for Tales of the Cocktail for the latest mixology creations, today we’re headed to the big game with Wild Turkey Bourbon! Ol’ Frisky Whiskey (aka Bourbon Street… Read more »

Super Bowl Cocktails to Celebrate San Francisco 49ers AND the Baltimore Ravens brings you cocktails to celebrate the San Francisco 49ers AND the Baltimore Ravens below. The first is a cocktail celebrating the Golden Gate City itself, called a “San Fran-tini” using Pernod Absinthe. The second creation honors the Baltimore Ravens with the “Raven’s Wing Mimosa” using Becherovka. Who do YOU think will win NFL Super Bowl… Read more »

Pink to Ruby continues our Valentine’s Day cocktails, with colors and flavors celebrating spirits from Champagne to ports. Saint Valentine by David Wondrich First showcased in David Wondrich’s column for Esquire, this cocktail is great for anytime of the year. Shake well with ice: 1 ½ oz good, flavorful white rum such as banks 5 Island ½… Read more »

A Spicy Romance at First Glance

A few Valentine’s Day vodka cocktails from the love at first sight – “first glance” to the spicy romance that sparks, more Valentine’s cocktails from A Spicy Romance 1 1/2 parts EFFEN Black Cherry Vodka 3/4 parts DeKuyper O3 Orange Liqueur 3/4 parts Fresh Pomegranate juice 1/2 parts Lime juice 1/2 parts Simple Syrup… Read more »