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Denver International Spirits Competition congratulates the medal winners below from the 2014 Denver International Spirits Competition (DISC), held this past weekend in Denver.’s Tom Fischer is a co-chair and judge for DISC, which is one of only a handful of double-blind international spirits competitions in the world.

The Denver International Spirits Competition was founded in 2012 by Christopher J. Davies and Darcy R. Davies Wine Country Network, Inc.

We’ll have more coverage from Denver International Spirits Competition coming soon.

Special thanks to all distilleries for entering,  judges, volunteers, Omni Interlocken Resort and all other sponsors.

List of 2014 Denver International Spirits Competition Winners



Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila


Republic Tequila Plata
Hornitos Black Barrel Tequila
Pirassununga Cachaca 51
Four Roses Single Barrel Bourbon
E&J Brandy VS
B&E Distillery Moonshine Grain



Vodka A (Potato)

GoldWoody Creek Reserve VodkaWoody Creek Distillers
SilverWoody Creek 100% Potato VodkaWoody Creek Distillers
SilverPur Class VodkaHendricks Family Distillery, LLC
SilverRWB Ultra Premium Handcrafted VodkaLuxuria Brands

Vodka (Wheat)

SilverAbner Doubleday “Double Play Vodka WheatCooperstown Distillery
SilverGreat North VodkaTrailhead Spirits

Vodka (Sugar Cane)

GoldMoraua VodkaCal-Czech Distillery
BronzeSNO Vodka (Sugar cane)J&L Distilling CO

Vodka (Fruit, Corn)

SilverClearheart VodkaCedar Ridge Distillery

Vodka (Neutral Grain)

GoldStarlite VodkaTreaty Oak Distilling
GoldNew Amsterdam VodkaE & J Gallo Winery

Vodka (Corn)

GoldFugu VodkaBallast Point Brewing and Spirits
SilverBreckenridge Distillery VodkaBreckenridge Distillery
BronzeSoldier Valley VodkaPatriarch Distillers LLC

Vodka Flavored/Infused

GoldNew Amsterdam Vodka PeachE & J Gallo Winery
SilverEnchanted Rock Peach VodkaRebecca Creek Distillery
SilverNew Amsterdam Vodka CoconutE & J Gallo Winery
BronzeNew Amsterdam Vodka CitronE & J Gallo Winery

Vodka Organic

GoldBanner VodkaBanner Distilling Company
GoldHumboldt Distillery Organic VodkaHumboldt Distillery

Gin (Distilled)

GoldClear Heart GinCedar Ridge Distillery
GoldRoundhouse GinRoundhouse Spirits
GoldSNO Gin (sugar cane)J&L Distilling CO
SilverEbb & Flow GinSound Spirits Distillery
SilverSilvertip American Dry GinVilya Spirits
SilverNew Amsterdam GinE & J Gallo Winery
BronzeFenimore GinCooperstown Distillery

Gin (New Western)

SilverHealy’s GinTrailhead Spirits
SilverOld Grove GinBallast Point Brewing and Spirits

Gin (London Dry)

GoldWaterloo GinTreaty Oak Distilling
BronzeTreeline GinWoods High Mountain Distillery

Gin (Barrel Aged)

GoldSpring 44 Old Tom GinSpring 44
SilverWaterloo Antique Barrel Reserve RumTreaty Oak Distilling
SilverRoundhouse Imperial Aged GinRoundhouse Spirits
BronzeHealy’s Reserve Barrel Adged GinTrailhead Spirits
BronzeOld Grove Barrel Rested GinBallast Point Brewing and Spirits

Gin Flavored/Infused

BronzeGompers GinBend Spirits


GoldByejoe Redbyejoe USA
GoldByejoe Dragon Firebyejoe USA

Rum White

SilverTreaty Oak RumTreaty Oak Distilling
SilverThree Sheets RumBallast Point Brewing and Spirits
BronzeBayou Rum SilverLouisiana Spirits, LLC

Rum Dark/Gold

GoldTreaty Oak Barrel Reserve RumTreaty Oak Distilling
SilverThree Sheets Barrel AgedBallast Point Brewing and Spirits

Rum Spiced

SilverBayou Spiced RumLouisiana Spirits, LLC
SilverForecastle Spiced RumUnion Beverage, LLC

Over-Proof Rum

BronzeOak RumBarrel House Distilling Co

Tequila Silver/Blanco

GoldRepublic Tequila PlataRepublic Tequila/Visionary Ideas
GoldSuavecto BlancoBlue Agave Importers
SilverKAH Tequila BlancoWorldwide Beverage Imports, LLC
SilverSauza 901Beam, Inc.
SilverCorazon BlancoGemini Spirits and Wine
BronzeAmbhar PlatoAmbhar Global Spirits
BronzeSuerte BlancoSuerte Tequila

Tequila Resposado

GoldKAH Tequila ReposadoWorldwide Beverage Imports, LLC
SilverRepublic Tequila ReposadoRepublic Tequila/Visionary Idea
SilverAgave 99 ReposadoWorldwide Beverage Imports, LLC
SilverDonkey Piss TequilaLibation Nation, LLC
SilverAmbhar ReposadoAmbhar Global Spirits
SilverSuerte ResposadoSuerte Tequila
SilverSuavecto ReposadoBlue Agave Importers
SilverCorazon ReposadoGemini Spirits and Wine

Tequila Anejo

GoldAgave 99 AnejoWorldwide Beverage Imports, LLC
GoldHornitos Black BarrelBeam, Inc.
GoldCorazon ReposadoGemini Spirits and Wine
GoldSuerte AnejoSuerte Tequila
SilverKAH Tequila AnejoWorldwide Beverage Imports, LLC
SilverAmbhar AnejoAmbhar Global Spirits
SilverSuavecto AnejoBlue Agave Importers
BronzeRepublic Tequila AnejoRepublic Tequila/Visionary Idea


GoldPirassununga Cachaca 51Gemini Spirits and Wine

Straight Bourbon

GoldCorner Creek Reserve Bourbon WhiskeyCorner Creek Distillery CO
GoldFour Roses Yellow Label BourbonFour Roses Distillery
SilverReserve BourbonCedar Ridge Distillery
SilverTown Branch BourbonAlltech’s Lexington Brewery & Distillery
SilverMedley Bros. Heritage CollectionCharles Medley Distilling
BronzePeg Leg Porker Tennessee Straight Bourbon WhiskeyPeg Leg Porker Spirits, LLC
BronzeColorado Gold Straight Bourbon WhiskeyColorado Gold Distillery

Small Batch Bourbon 10yrs. & Younger

GoldSoldier Valley BourbonPatriarch Distillers LLC
GoldFour Roses Small Batch BourbonFour Roses Distillery
SilverIowa Bourbon WhiskeyCedar Ridge Distillery
SilverRedhanded Bourbon WhiskeyTreaty Oak Distilling
SilverBreckenridge BourbonBreckenridge Distillery
SilverWyoming Whiskey Small Batch BourbonWyoming Whiskey, Inc
SilverKnob CreekBeam, Inc./ Knob Creek
SilverDevil’s Share Bourbon WhiskeyBallast Point Brewing and Spirits
BronzeLewis Redmond Carolina BourbonDark Corner Distillery

Single Barrel American Whiskey 10yrs. & Younger

GoldFour Roses Single Barrel BourbonFour Roses Distillery
SilverKnob Creek Single BarrelBeam, Inc./ Knob Creek

American Straight Rye Whiskey

GoldKnob Creek RyeBeam, Inc./ Knob Creek
SilverRyemageddonCorsair Distillery

Flavored Rye Whiskey

SilverSortilege 3 Year Liquer- Canadian RyeSidney Frank Importing

American Craft Whiskey

GoldPearse Lyons ReserveAlltech’s Lexington Brewery & Distillery
SilverJim Beam Signature Craft 12 yearsJim Beam
SilverDevil’s Share Single Malt WhiskeyBallast Point Brewing and Spirits

Corn Whiskey

GoldColorado’s’ Own Corn WhiskeyColorado Gold Distillery
BronzeMoonshine Corn WhiskeyDark Corner Distillery

Non-Aged Whiskey

GoldLouisiana Lightning Clear Sour Mash WhiskeyLouisiana Lightning
GoldKentucky Black DogMB Roland Distillery
BronzeDevil’s Share MoonshineBallast Point Brewing and Spirits

Blended Irish Whiskey

SilverKilbeggan Irish WhiskeyJim Beam

Single Malt Irish Whiskey

GoldConnemara Peated Single MaltJim Beam
SilverTyrconnell Single MaltJim Beam
BronzeGreenore Single GrainJim Beam

Flavored Whiskey

GoldColorado Honey WhiskeyHoney House Distillery
SilverKnob Creek Smoked MapleBeam, Inc./ Knob Creek
BronzeFeisty Cinnamon Flavored WhiskeyFeisty Spirits

Distiller’s Single Malt Scotch

GoldLaphroaig 10 Year OldBeam, Inc/ Laphroaig Scotch
GoldLaphroaig 18 Year OldBeam, Inc/ Laphroaig Scotch
SilverLaphroaig 10 Year Old Cask StrengthBeam, Inc/ Laphroaig Scotch
SilverLaphroaig Quarter CaskBeam, Inc/ Laphroaig Scotch

American Grape Brandy

GoldE&J Brandy VSE & J Gallo Winery
GoldE&J Brandy VSOPE & J Gallo Winery
GoldE&J Brandy XOE & J Gallo Winery

Flavored Brandy

SilverBarenjager Honey & PearSidney Frank Importing Company


GoldSuperior Absinthe VerteVilya Spirits
BronzeSuperior Absinthe BlancheVilya Spirits

Chocolate Liqueur

GoldDepth Cacao LiqueurSound Spirits Distillery

Coffee Liqueur

GoldCorretto Coffee LiqueurRoundhouse Spirits

Fruit Liqueur

GoldGran Gala Orange LiqueurGemini Spirits and Wine
GoldBerentzen Apple LiqueurBerentzen USA
SilverWild Huckleberry LiqueurVilya Spirits

Herbal/Botanicals Liqueur

SilverBreckenridge BittersBreckenridge Distillery

Nut Liqueur

GoldRivulet Artisan Pecan LiqueurC88 Holdings LLC

Other Liqueurs

SilverPumpkin KingRoundhouse Spirits
GoldSpiritopia Ginger LiqueurOregon Ryegrass Spirits

Pre-Mixed Cocktails max of 20% ABV

SilverPre-mixed MargaritaLaughing Glass Cocktails

Other Miscellaneous Spirits

BronzeKentucky Pink LemonadeMB Roland Distillery

Grain Moonshine

GoldMoonshine GrainB & E Distillery

Sugar Shine

SilverStills Crossroads Alabama ShineHigh Ridge Spirits
BronzeDevil John MoonshineBarrel House Distilling Co

Specialty Cocktail Mixers

SilverWalter Caesar MixBrutus Beverages, Inc
SilverBloody Mary MixBallast Point Brewing and Spirits





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