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Bourbon tasting

Bourbons lined up for tasting and judging at Denver International Spirits Competition‘s Tom Fischer reports from Day 2 of the Denver International Spirits Competition in Denver, Colorado and speaks with fellow judges about the success and importance of this competition.’s Tom Fischer was a chair and judge along with 11 other prominent spirits professionals who participated in this double-blind tasting.

In the video above, Tom interviews judges and also Christopher  Davies Co-Founder, Chairman of Denver International Spirits Competition and Wine Country Network, Inc.

Check out all the winning spirits and the list of medals in the list below!

Thanks again to Denver International Spirits Competition 2013 for having us in and to all judges, volunteers, and spirits who submitted!


Best drinks

Judges Ted Palmer, Dave Elger, Tom Fischer and Larry Wilcox discuss the best drinks of the round

Film and photography credit:  Filmmakers, photographers, editors Bridger Root and Mickey O’Hara, thanks guys!

2013 Best of Show:

Old Medley 12 Year Old Bourbon wins Double Gold and Best of Show

Old Medley 12 Year Old Bourbon wins Double Gold and Best of Show

Old Medley 12 Years Old Bourbon

2013 Double Gold Winners:


Piedra Azul Reposado Tequila

Piedra Azul Reposado Tequila wins Double Gold

Old Medley 12 Year Old Bourbon, Charles Medley Distillery

Knob Creek Rye, Beam, Inc

Exclusiv 1 Vodka, Serge Imports, LLC

Roundhouse Gin, Roundhouse Spirits

Piedra Azul Reposado, Underdog Wine & Spirits

E&J VS Brandy, E&J Gallo

2013 Packaging Contest Winners:

Suerte Tequilas

Gold- Suerte Tequila, 3 bottle series, Blanco, Anejo & Reposado

Silver- Infusion Diabolique, 2 bottle series, Mixto Tequila & Kentucky Bourbon

Bronze- KAH Tequila, 3 bottle series, Blanco, De’Agave, De’ Reposado

Kah Tequila Bottles

Denver International  Spirits Competition 2013 Results:

Double GoldMedalSpirit NameProducer
Bronze1One VodkaSalveto Imports, LLC
GoldBarenjager Honey BourbanSidney Frank Importing
GoldBig House Bourbon StraightUnderdog Wine & Spirits
BronzeBig House Bourbon Tupelo HoneyUnderdog Wine & Spirits
SilverBird Dog Peach WhiskeyWestern Spirits
GoldBreckenridge BourbonBreckenridge Distillery
GoldBreckenridge Spiced RumBreckenridge Distillery
SilverCedar Ridge Dark RumCedar Ridge Distillery
SilverClear10 Vodka 80 ProofGood Spirits Distilling
GoldConcannon Irish WhiskeyUnderdog Wine & Spirits
SilverDenver Dry GinMile High Spirits llc
SilverDirty Karma Organic VodkaLifestyle Spirits
BronzeDirty Karma SOLLifestyle Spirits
GoldDizzy Three Express Vodka 60 ProofGood Spirits Distilling
GoldDorda Double Chocolate LiqueurChopin Imports Ltd
Double GoldGoldE&J VS BrandyE&J Gallo
GoldE&J VSOP BrandyE&J Gallo
SilverE&J XO BrandyE&J Gallo
GoldElevate VodkaMile High Spirits llc
Double GoldGoldExclusive 1 VodakSerge Imports LLC
SilverExclusive 7 Coconut VodakSerge Imports LLC
GoldFeisty Spirits Elements -Kamut WiskeyFeisty Spirits
SilverFireside 4 year aged BourbonMile High Spirits llc
SilverFive Wives VodkaOgdens Own Distillery
SilverGolden Moon GinMaison De La Vie, Ltd.
Dba Golden Moon Distillery
GoldHowdys Apple Pie LiquerCedar Ridge Distillery
GoldInfusion Diabolique KentuckyBlack Squirrel Enterprises, Inc.
SilverInfusion Diabolique MixtoBlack Squirrel Enterprises, Inc.
GoldIowa Bourbon WhiskeyCedar Ridge Distillery
GoldKAH Tequila AnejoWorldwide Beverage Imports, LLC
GoldKAH Tequila BlancoWorldwide Beverage Imports, LLC
BronzeKAH Tequila ReposadoWorldwide Beverage Imports, LLC
SilverKnob CreekBeam, Inc
Double GoldGoldKnob Creek RyeBeam, Inc
SilverKnob Creek Single Barrel ReserveBeam, Inc
BronzeLocal Choice Black Cherry BourbonLocal Choice Inc
GoldLocal Choice Lime TequilaLocal Choice Inc
SilverLocal Choice Orange Honey TequilaLocal Choice Inc
SilverLocal Choice VodkaLocal Choice Inc
BronzeLocal Choice WhiskeyLocal Choice Inc
GoldMichael Collins BlendSidney Frank Importing
SilverMichael Collins Single MaltSidney Frank Importing
BronzeNew Amsterdam GinE&J Gallo
GoldNew Amsterdam VodkaE&J Gallo
Double Gold & Best of ShowGoldOld Medley 12 Year Old BourbonCharles Medley Distillery
BronzePeak 7 VodkaPeak & Vodka
GoldPeg Leg RumMile High Spirits llc
BronzePiedra Azul BlancoUnderdog Wine & Spirits
Double GoldGoldPiedra Azul ReposadoUnderdog Wine & Spirits
SilverREDUX AbsintheMaison De La Vie, Ltd.
Dba Golden Moon Distillery
SilverReed & Lacey California Gold Sugarcane, Barley, Corn SpiritReed & Lacey LLC
GoldRicardo’s Decaf Coffee LiqueurSpirit Hound Distillers
River RumQuentin D. Witherspoon Distillery LLC
Double GoldGoldRoundhouse GinRoundhouse Spirits
GoldSanta Fe Spirits Apple BrandySanta Fe Spirits
SilverSilver CoyoteSanta Fe Spirits
Spirit Hound GinSpirit Hound Distillers
SilverSuerte Tequil AnejoSuerte Tequilla
SilverSuerte Tequil BiancoSuerte Tequilla
GoldSuerte Tequil ReposadoSuerte Tequilla
BronzeTahoe Blue VodkaTahoe Spirits, LLC
SilverTown Branch BroubonAlltech Lexington Brewing & Distilling Co.
GoldTrinity AbsintheOverland Distillery
GoldUnderground Herbal SpiritOgdens Own Distillery
GoldWathens Kentucky Bourbon (Single Barrel)Charles Medley Distillery
BronzeWheeler’s GinSanta Fe Spirits
2013 Design ContestGoldSuerte Tequila Series (3 bottles)Suerte Tequilla
SilverInfusion Diabolique Bottle Series (2 bottles)Black Squirrel Enterprises, Inc.
BronzeKah Tecquila Series (3 bottles)Worldwide Beverage Imports, LLC

Tom Fischer, Mike Manning,  Carolyn M. Riggs, and Natalie Guinovart

(L or R) Judges: Tom Fischer, Mike Manning, Carolyn M. Riggs, and Natalie Guinovart

Carolyn M. Riggs Owner/Head Chef Brick Cellar Bar & Bistro Gunnison, CO, Tom Fischer, Mike Manning Co-Founder and Co-Owner Proof Media Mix

(L to R) Judges of Competition: Carolyn M. Riggs Owner/Head Chef Brick Cellar Bar & Bistro Gunnison, CO, Tom Fischer, Mike Manning Co-Founder and Co-Owner Proof Media Mix

Omni Interlocken Resort, Broomfield, Colorado

Omni Interlocken Resort, Broomfield, Colorado


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